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1140 Early Learning and Childcare provision at Kemnay Primary School – Updated 19.02.2020

On Tuesday 18th August 2020 Kemnay Primary School will start the Scottish Government’s initiative of offering 1140 hours of childcare for our school/nursery catchment families.  We aim to be an excellent environment, be flexible and meet your needs where possible.

Latest News

Currently our Nursery is experiencing a high degree of change and we acknowledge that this is not ideal but that we are working as hard as we can to make this process as smooth as possible.  Our first and most important task is recruiting an Early Years Senior Practitioner (EYSP).  It will be their task to liaise with families, recruit additional staff, allocate spaces to children, resource our nursery, plan learning experiences, etc.  The recruitment is live at the moment.  We hope to have interviews in mid February and have the person in post for mid March.

We aim to have a information/introductory evening shortly after the person(s) have started.

If we are unsuccessful in recruiting for the post the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher will proceed with the information evening.  I will pencil in a possible information evening on Thursday 2nd April at both 2.30pm and 6.30pm.  Please check this page regularly to keep up to date.

Please continue to ask the nursery staff questions and we will endeavour to publish answers here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1140 mean?

We will have two sessions available 8-1pm and 1-6pm.  This is not definite and subject to change depending on the final decision of our EYSP.  The session will offer flexible start and pick-up times with core hours stated for staff not to have any unscheduled interruptions so they can undertake their learning experiences, snack, visits, assessment, etc.  The core hours will be advised in due course but for example could be:

  • 8-1pm: 8-9am Flexible start & 12-1pm Flexible pick-up. 9-12noon = Core Hours,
  • 1-6pm: 1-2pm Flexible start & 5-6pm Flexible pick-up.  2-5pm = Core Hours,

What about the Kemnay Nursery Forest experience?

The senior management team at Kemnay Primary School will do everything possible to secure a morning and afternoon forest school experience for the children.  This has been identified as ‘sector leading’ practice and we will make every effort to secure this from August onward.

Can I access a full day 8-6pm day at nursery?

The EYSP will try to accommodate as many requests as we possibly can including full day preferences.

Is this during the school year?

Kemnay nursery will be open 50 weeks per year, only closed during the two weeks straddling Christmas and New Year.  Part of the agreed offer will be that each family will take an additional 4 weeks off during the nursery year.  Nursery is not compulsory so any additional holidays on top of that would not compromise their place unless it was over an extended period i.e. >2 months.

How will the lunches work?

If your child is attending the morning session till 1pm (TBC) they will be provided with a free nursery lunch at 12 noon from a set menu. We prefer that children have a school lunch and ask that if they must have a packed lunch that it is healthy and does not contain chocolate or fizzy drinks. We are unable to store packed lunches in a fridge; it is the parents responsibility to ensure there is a ice-pack in their child’s pack lunch bag.  The lunch will probably be in the nursery but this is yet to be confirmed.  Your child does not need to have lunch and can wait until they go home if you would prefer.  From the provisional session times already mentioned above, you would be able to collect your child from 12 noon.