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Head Teacher  Mrs Audrey Gregor

Depute Head Teacher Mr Graham Still


Nursery               Mrs K. Young, Mrs L. Toal, Mrs L.Miller, Mrs M. Ingram

Primary 1A         Mrs C Anderson

Primary 1S         Mrs M. Sorrie/ Mrs D. Smart

Primary 2           Mrs L Harper

Primary 3           Miss E Gourlay

Primary 3/4        Miss K. Addison/ Mr G. Still

Primary 5            Mrs  S. Allanach, Mrs R Chaides

Primary 5/6        Mrs D. Taylor

Primary 6           Mrs C Ross

Primary 7            Mrs L. Mitchell/ Mrs L. Pirie

Support For Learning    Mrs R.Seator

12 Class Teachers   –   this includes job-share

The Nursery Team

Class Teacher    +  3  Nursery Nurse

1 Support for Learning Teacher

Specialist Teachers in Art, ICT, Music, P.E. Modern Languages and Drama

Music Instructors in cello, violin and brass

Support for Learning Auxiliary Staff

5 Pupil Support Assistants


School Administrator



Cook and Canteen Assistants

2 School Cleaners


Teachers are always required to be discreet about confidential matters regarding pupils and parents.  Parent helpers are similarly requested to treat as confidential any information which comes their way while they are in school, whether it concerns parents, pupils or teachers.

Parents will not necessarily work with the group or class, which contains their own children.  Sometimes it may be more beneficial for the child, parents and school if a parent works with a group of children of which his/her own is not a member.

Adult helpers will not be left in charge of a group or class in a situation where they do not have ready access to a teacher.  The responsibility for the children lies at all times with the teacher, and ultimately, the Head Teacher, and not with the adult helper.