Welcome to Kemnay Primary School

This is a work in progress

Kemnay Primary School aims to deliver quality education suited to the needs of all our children and provides them with the skills necessary to develop into successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.. We provide an environment that gives a sense of purpose in the curriculum and in learning and teaching. This ensures each child progressing happily and with confidence from one year to the next. In this relaxed, caring atmosphere, learning and personal, social and emotional development is encouraged and your child can develop into a thinking, caring, and responsible member of society.

All of this is done in partnership with you. Success is a product of strong home-school relationships. Children who succeed do so because they grow in understanding both at school and at home and are able to build a learning bridge between the two. Children who succeed enjoy the support of parents and teachers. Our school constantly seeks out imaginative ways of helping teachers and parents work together in partnership. We find regular contact healthy and of mutual benefit.

Within this ethos, it is perfectly normal for parents or teachers to have concerns from time to time about their children/pupils. At Kemnay Primary School we encourage parents and teachers to readily engage with each other within a framework of effective two-way communication.

Kemnay Primary serves the village of Kemnay and surrounding district and is situated in Grove Road.  It is co-educational, non-denominational and provides education for approximately 230 pupils in Primary 1 – 7. It also provides 40 part-time nursery places for children between the ages of 3-5 years.  

There are twelve permanent teachers including the Head Teacher and Depute Head Teacher as well as visiting specialist teachers of Art, ICT, Music, Physical Education. And Drama.  The school also has part time provision from a Support for Leaning Teacher and access to EBD support. There are two full-time Classroom Assistants who work throughout the school and a number of Support for Learning auxiliary staff who work to support children with specific learning difficulties. The Auxiliary team looks after the children’s well being in the canteen and outside in the play areas. The School Administrator, janitorial staff, kitchen and cleaning staff also support the school.

  There are a purpose built nursery block, ten classrooms, a Library, Computer Suite, a gym hall, a main hall and resources room. Ample secure outdoor playing areas - a tar macadam playground and a large grass field ensure children can enjoy play under supervision at intervals and lunchtimes. The Wildlife Garden is a wonderful additional resource to the school.   The school is equipped with facilities to ensure delivery of a broad, balanced curriculum, in line with  Curriculum for Excellence and Aberdeenshire's 3-18 Framework Document.